Dr. Katharine (Katy) Stratigos, MD

Dr. Katharine (Katy) Stratigos, MD is the Medical Director of NYSTART and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University Department of Psychiatry. She is board certified in general and child and adolescent psychiatry. Dr. Stratigos’ clinical and educational expertise is in the evaluation and treatment of children with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) and psychiatric comorbidities. From 2009-2017, Dr. Stratigos was an attending psychiatrist at the NYPH outpatient pediatric psychiatry.  She was a teaching faculty for the child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at Columbia/NYPH from 2010-2017. From 2011- 2015, she ran the Neuropsychiatry Clinic for children with dual diagnoses.  Since 2009, Dr. Stratigos has also taught the Mount Sinai general residents about IDD and psychiatric comorbidity. From 2015-2017, she was a Whitaker research fellow in Developmental Neuropsychiatry where she pursued her academic and research interests in autism, ID, and long term outcomes for children born preterm/low birth weight.  Under the auspices of the Whitaker scholar, she recently completed a textbook chapter on IDD in the public psychiatry sector. She is a member of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) Committee on Autism and Intellectual Disabilities and in that capacity, is at work developing a national curriculum on IDD.