Ken Winn

Ken Winn has been a Florida Certified Behavior Analyst since 1989 and a Board Certified Behavior

Analyst since 2008. He has mainly concentrated on children with developmental disabilities, with a

specialization in autism, and individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health

disorders. He has experience in clinic, home-based, residential, and institutional settings. He has worked in state government assisting in overseeing behavioral services throughout Florida, including developing regulations in the HCBS Medicaid Waiver and regulations regarding the use of restraint and seclusion, oversight and monitoring of behavior services, and residential licensing of group homes. Mr. Winn has worked in forensic settings, helping establish a network of step-down programs in Florida for individuals with criminal histories, including those with sexual offenses. He provides training to first responders and police agencies on behavior analysis, and served as an expert witness in the criminal justice system. He has been a part of legislative efforts, in Colorado and throughout the country, including getting Medicaid funding for ABA, eliminating caps for HIMAT (Health Insurance Mandate for Autism Treatment) and expanding Medicaid Waiver services. He is professional guardian for a gentleman with a developmental disability and has seen how ABA has had a positive impact on his quality of life.