NADD Bulletin
The NADD Bulletin is the official publication of NADD. This 20 page periodical is published bi-monthly and features three articles addressing clinical, programmatic, research or family oriented issues concerning mental health aspects in people with disabilities.

Conference Discounts
Conference discounts on all regional, national, and international conferences.

Centralized Information and Referral Services
NADD can assist with identifying and locating needed resources.

Chapter Membership
NADD members living in Tennessee automatically become a member of TN NADD.

Education and Training Materials

Discounts on all NADD educational material which include books, audio tapes and CDs and video tapes.

Voting Rights
NADD members are eligible to vote for the Board of Directors.

NADD Membership Card and Lapel Pin
Networking Enables you to network with other professionals, care providers, and families who share your concern in the field of Dual Diagnosis.

Opportunity to be part of the world’s leading organization in its ongoing efforts towards advancing mental wellness for persons with developmental disabilities through the promotion of excellence in mental health care.