104: Behavioral Health: A New Shared Values Framework

Hosted By: Lauren Pearcy, Caitlin Wright, Michelle Bagby

9-14-17  Pearcy_Lauren_DIDD_Offical Portrait

Instructional Level: Intermediate

This session is about pushing us, as a community dedicated to behavioral health, to think about the shared values that underpin approaches across the lifespan. Presenters will talk about why establishing and adopting shared values is a necessary precursor to developing an effective system of supports. We will talk about the system in the broadest sense of the term – shared values that impact our entire community and can be specialized for distinct stakeholders and populations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand why establishing shared values are necessary for effective supports
  2. Learn about how evidence supports the values proposed by presenters
  3. Give input into the shared values framework proposed by presenters