105: Panel Discussion: Turning Difficult Emotions Into Positive Actions Forward

Hosted By: La’Wanda Jenkins, Roddey Coe, Krista White, Wendy Ellmo

La'Wanda Jenkins pic
Wendy Elmo

Instructional Level: Introductory

We have learned day to day stress impacts us just as much as a single stressful experience. Learning to cope with these stressors is important for positive mental health. Many factors are involved in having positive mental health. These factors come not only from within ourselves but the environment around us including the physical environment and other people. We have learned what we have control to change and not change. There are many things we can change to make stressful situations more positive. We have discovered what is possible. By using our body and mind together effective systems can be developed. The panel will address questions related to this movement forward.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how others have used nonverbal communication to begin talking about difficult emotions
  2. Be able to ground yourself in an environment out of your control using community resources
  3. Identify how to stay connected during difficult times and keep moving forward by watching others