105: Panel Discussion: Beyond Surviving to Thriving; Recognition is Not Enough

Hosted By: Dr. Andrea Clements, Dr. Nahir Saha, Dr. NaRicia Futrell, Jen Vogus

Breakout Sessions

We have learned trauma encompasses many forms and one incident of trauma effects not only the individual who directly experienced the trauma, but every person who comes into contact with that person. We need to recognize the results of this event when clinical providers, caregivers, and the community come into contact with this person so compassionate and supportive approaches can be integrated into daily practices. In addition, we need to be able to care for ourselves and train others so we can provide care. Others look to us to model how to manage stress and create autonomy, how to go beyond surviving to thriving. The panel will address questions related to these issues.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn what others have done to gain collaboration from communities at large
  2. Identify difficulties in teaching self-advocacy
  3. Be able to identify a personal mentor in order to apply compassion