201: Trauma-Informed Care and Behavior Analysis: It’s More Than Just Awareness

Hosted By: Ken Winn

Breakout Sessions

Trauma-informed Care has been an integral part of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in working with persons with disabilities since its inception.  But it has not been as a hot a topic until recently. This presentation will discuss how trauma-informed care is an integral part (or should be) to a person-centered approach utilizing the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. We will explore the use of functional assessment and behavior intervention procedures from a trauma-informed lens, as well as how to train staff in this approach.  We will also explore how to engage parents and caregivers as part of this approach.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of trauma in understanding the causes of behavioral issues in persons with disabilities.
  2. Demonstrate how to include a trauma-informed approach in functional assessments and behavior intervention plans.
  3. Demonstrate how to include an effective trauma-informed model in staff training for persons with disabilities.
  4. Demonstrate how to involve parents/guardians and caregivers in an effective trauma-informed model for persons with disabilities.