201: Working Together to Help Manage Difficult Emotions in the Hospital Setting

Hosted By: Krista White

Instructional Level: Intermediate

In the hospital setting, we typically meet patients during crisis situations, both emotionally and behaviorally. Many come from group home placements that have failed, family situations that have become untenable, homelessness, and trauma. Many have not learned appropriate coping skills, and may not have a stable support network to help them manage the understandably difficult emotions that can occur. Departments such as Social Work, Nursing, Psychiatry, Recreation Therapy, and ABA use a variety of intervention strategies to help the patient through the crisis, develop a repertoire of coping skills, with the goal of maintenance of these skills post-discharge.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how different departments work together as a team, using a variety of intervention strategies, to develop an individualized treatment plan.
  2. Identify intervention strategies for helping patients manage sometimes difficult emotions when they occur.
  3. Compare how interventions for IDD patients differ from non-IDD patients