202: Bereavement and Loss in Individuals with IDD

Hosted By: Dr. Katy Stratigos

Breakout Sessions

We will review the experience of loss, grief and bereavement for individuals with IDD.  The experience of loss and grief is common and often times overlooked in individuals with IDD.  Caregivers also may not recognize ways in which loss impact individuals with IDD.  The research base on treating bereavement in individuals with IDD is very limited but will be reviewed here.  Evidence based treatments for complicated bereavement in typically developing population will be reviewed (e.g. the research of Kathy Shear).  Ways in which this research base can be utilized for individuals with IDD will be suggested.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand background information about loss and grief in individuals with IDD
  2. Understand research pertaining to grief and loss in IDD
  3. Understand treatment and supportive approaches to assist an individual with IDD who is bereaved.