202: Developing Acceptance and Commitment Skills to Deal With Difficult Emotions During Vocational Tasks

Hosted By: Clayton Cea and Carlos Gonzalez

Instructional Level: Intermediate

A stressful work environment can become a significant barrier for a person with an intellectual disability. Work situations such as confusing tasks and supervisor’s feedback usually trigger frustration, anxiety, anger, fear, and other emotions that negatively impact the person’s work experience. We added Acceptance and Commitment sessions in-between work tasks for people participating in vocational/social skills training. During the exercises participants practice making healthy contact with thought and feelings using mindfulness, acceptance, diffusion, and perspective taking.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify some difficult emotions that could occur in a vocational environment
  2. Identify and describe the six main components of ACT
  3. Recognize and use ACT components in an actual implementation