301: Cultivating Your Super Power for Calm, Peace, and Energy: An Antidote to Compassion Fatigue

Hosted By: Dr. Patti van Eys

Breakout Sessions

Drawn to caring professions due to our value of compassion and service to others, we likely have deep-rooted identity formation around helping. We entered our roles discovering the joy of “compassion satisfaction” – feeling good about making a difference through relationship. When we experience compassion fatigue or burnout, it’s in conflict with our values. This breakout session reminds us to care for ourselves as we care for others so that we can avoid burnout and find a renewed passion and energy. Come and learn hands-on techniques to access your “super power” for daily renewal!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the neuroscience (brain chemistry) behind intentional stress reduction techniques
  2. Identify sources of stress in your work that lead to compassion fatigue
  3. Practice mindfulness, breathing, and body techniques for immediate calming and learn foundational daily practices for mitigating and managing stress