Roddey Coe

Roddey Coe is an impassioned advocate, computer nerd, and most importantly, Dad. Roddey is a Post 9-11 US Army veteran, having served with the 101st Airborne Division. Now, he is Dad to Melissa and Ethan. Driven by life, he takes pride in providing opportunities for as many people as possible. With his own son’s autism diagnosis, Roddey immediately began to realize that opportunities were limited. With the belief everyone can live an independent life, for the last 12 years, he has devoted his life to creating opportunities for children with disabilities. Since this time, Roddey has served as the Vice President for the Autism Society East Tennessee and the Chattanooga Autism Center. He also served as a Governor appointed member of the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities and currently serves on the Tennessee Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders. In partnership with the City of Chattanooga, Roddey is currently working to share the Take Me Home program, a program designed to help police officers better serve the needs of people with disabilities. In addition, Roddey has been working with Harvesting Inclusive Play to build a universally inclusive playground. Roddey continues to work with state leaders on legislative and policy decisions that affect all individuals and families.